Kitchen Remodel Franklin California

Remodeling Services Franklin California 

At Franklin, we will go through the different remodeling choices available for your California home and inform you on which one is best suited for the project, as well as include a cost estimate. Kitchen Remodel Franklin's mission is to complete high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule by recruiting and supporting team members with strong character, trustworthiness, inspiration, and versatility.


Our design & build strategy allows you to operate with a common method over the duration of the project, saving you time and effort. Our in-house designer will make your idea a success. We value the importance of our working relationships and will make every effort to be polite, fair, and truthful with our dealings with all employees, clients, and business associates.


Whatever project you have in mind, our remodeling services and experienced handymen will complete it in a timely and high-quality fashion.

Kitchen Remodel Franklin California

An open kitchen architecture creates a friendly environment, while a dark, high-walled kitchen will dampen the energy of a house. Our customers were struggling with the problem when they came to us in desperate need of a kitchen remodel that would meet their needs while also revitalizing their home.


At the end of the day, you come to the kitchen to plan and serve, as well as reconnect with loved ones. It is where guests are accommodated, and special activities are held. Our in-house remodelers work meticulously with our clients to select the exact flooring material and composition that not only matches but also exceeds their needs prior to buying and/or installation as a vital component of any successful kitchen renovation.

Bathroom Remodel Franklin California

Our full bathroom remodel includes custom doors, toilets, sinks, and backsplashes. Our diverse history and expertise will provide you with several ideas, high-quality merchandise, and exceptional service.


A bathroom remodeling specialist can assist you in envisioning, planning, and installing the dream bathroom. We then provide you with an exact estimate so that you know exactly how much money will be allocated to each move.


We are a firm that specializes in full-service bathroom design and remodeling. Your bathroom might be a shambles, or the contractor may hide figures in their estimate, and you may always end up paying top dollar.

Home Remodel Franklin California

If the exterior renovation is plain, such as re-tiling a patio or constructing a firepit, or grander and more ambitious, such as constructing an entire outdoor garden, complete with seating and cooking facilities, we recommend calling in the experts at Home Remodel Franklin!


We will provide you with a completely renovated living space, eco-friendly amenities, a fully open living room, or an outdoor renovation that boosts curb appeal. A whole-house remodel will greatly change the look of your interior.

Home Addition Franklin California

Our architects and developers, contractors, and design team will guarantee that your second-floor extension is long-lasting and blends smoothly into the layout of your home. Franklin Home Addition adds a dash of spice to design and construction.


Our design-build approach provides us with a benefit in terms of better plan fulfillment, faster completion, and overall project performance. After our team talks with you and discusses your requirements, your home extension project will begin. Since our services are customized to your personal needs, we are certain that our team will assist you in extending your home while retaining the qualities that render it distinctly yours.


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When our team operates in your house, you can see that we are transparent and honest while keeping costs to a minimum. We will provide you with high-quality service while saving you money. In Franklin, California, we are happy to take on your quest and work with you.